Experience a new healthcare system with payment at the time of service and little to no paperwork.

You Know Best

At Delsure Insurance, we allow medical professionals to choose the best treatment for their patients without the interference of the insurer. You are the expert.

Healthcare providers in our network enjoy the following benefits:

  • One unique policy incorporating the 11 Essential Health Benefits as per the ACA

  • No pre-authorizations for treatment or drugs except for complicated cases

  • Medical professionals decide medical treatments

  • Payment at time of service through fully secure channel

  • Full transparency of amount to be received

  • Ability to integrate appointments scheduling into the app

  • Will work with any EHR/EMR software

  • Allows medical professionals to choose the best treatment for their patient without the interference of the insurer

Join Our Network

Delsure Insurance has designed a healthcare system fully covered by the insurance premium. Our plans maximize healthcare quality while minimizing administration and paperwork. The result is a fully user-friendly and convenient experience for both provider and member.

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