Imagine a health care system with no deductibles or co-insurance.

    All-inclusive Member Benefits

    When approved, Delsure Insurance has designed a limited-out-of-pocket process that maximizes healthcare quality while minimizing paperwork. The result is a fully user-friendly  experience.

    Convenience Personified.

    • No deductibles or co-insurance

    • No variables in the unique policy

    • The member is not liable for any payment whatsoever

    • No action is needed at visit to the provider

    • No fear of debt collectors

    • Full list of all providers with quick links within the network available on the app

    • No pre-authorizations for treatment or drugs except for complicated cases

    • Medical professionals decide medical treatments

    Share with Your Employer

    If you have or need health insurance through your place of employment, we can contact your employer and introduce ourselves and our Delaware insurance plans.

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