Not all health insurance plans have to be expensive and complicated. Now there is Delsure.

    One Size Fits All

    When approved, Delsure Health Insurance offers one unique plan that is fully inclusive — with limited out-of-pocket expenses. Each plan is always Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant for total peace of mind. Truly, one size fits all. 

    Our plans offer the following benefits...

    • Limited cost sharing or monitoring: absolutely no deductibles or co-payments.

    • Our health care plans are convenient, transparent, and simple. This allows you to retain good employees by keeping them happy.

    • Our platform is designed to be user friendly. It's easy to signup, make changes, and monitor plan utilization.

    • Account management is fully virtual with no need for paper documents.

    • All plans are fully comprehensive and always Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant — even if the laws change. Total peace of mind.

    • All rules are clear and benefits are fully explained. No hidden clauses, complicated language or small print.

    • Our unique policies are simple and one size fits all. This means there is no preferential treatment for any business based on number of employees.

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