The New Simple World
    of Health Insurance

    When approved, experience a Delaware health insurance plan with no deductibles or co-insurance.
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    A Health Insurance Plan with Total Peace of Mind

    With Delsure, members will have limited out-of-pocket co-pays and no deductible and coinsurance costs. With no variation in our plans, our policies are fully covered by your insurance premium.


    Delsure offers one unique policy with complete transparency of cost & services.

    Includes the Essential Health
    Benefits as per the Affordable
    Health Care Act

    Member Never Has
    Any Out-of-pocket
    *Except for limited Co-pays

    No Pre-authorizations
    *Except for complicated cases


    We ensure patients have the best possible treatment for preventative, corrective & palliative care.

    No Deductibles or Co-insurance

    No Action is Needed at Visit to the Provider

    No Fear of
    Debt Collectors


    Imagine a provider dream land that will substantially reduce administration and paperwork. 

    Payment at Time of Service through Fully Secure Channel

    Medical Professionals Decide Medical Treatments, Not Insurance Company

    Works with Any EHR/EMR Software


    Delsure has been established to enter the health insurance industry in Delaware. Our mission is to address the broken health insurance industry by offering a simpler and more convenient system for both members and providers. For more information, fill in the form or call us at the following:
    Office: 302-397-8880

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